Frequently asked questions

We are a small group of ten students, our teacher assigned us a project we must work on, we would like to organize our workflow, give tasks to everyone, share a common schedule, remind each other about tasks, cooperate efficiently.
Can qOrganizer help us?

The answer is yes, a lot.
You could use one ftp server or better yet, a MySQL server. You all set the same MySQL server into qOrganizer, it will download and save data there. I would advise that you disable autosave, also it's best to enable Reload data on view change so it constantly reloads data when an you switch to another element.
This way you can assign task to the members of the group, track everyones work progress (by looking at the Completed field in the to-do list of their task). You could make schedule for the group and set a reminder for everyone at the same time.
Share notes within the group about the progress of the project on that particular day.
You could do the same with an FTP server too but then you would have to manually download and upload data all the time and be carefull of the modifycations made by others.
Thanks to qOrganizers advanced network capabilities and it's flexibility the possibilities of use are only limited by the creativity of the user.
One of the users described to me how he was using qOrganizer within a network of 5 computers.
He had a router in which you could plug a pendrive and it appeared as a network drive for all 5 computers, he copied qOrganizer on the pendrive, made shortcuts on all computers and set them to use the same folder to store settings and data, he turned off autosave and turned Reload data on view change on, and shared the data on five computers.

I found a bug/I need a feature./I want to tell you my opinion. What can I do?
Please contact me so you could give me the details and I'll se what I can do. :)

Is this program free ?
Yes qOrganizer is free/open source software published under GPL v2.

I'm using Linux, qOrganizer won't start it gives me some kind of error about libqt4, or "qOrganizer: symbol lookup error: qOrganizer: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData7detach2Ev".What can I do?
You need to install the following packages (on Ubuntu) :
libqt4-gui, libqt4-sql, libqt4-core of version 4.3.0 or higher.
On ubuntu the following command should install them:
sudo apt-get install libqt4-core libqt4-gui libqt4-sql.
On other distros use the default package management system (the names of the packages should be simmilar) or compile qt from source.
The binary was compiled on a system with qt 4.3.0 so it won't work on lower versions, this is the reason of the "undefined symbol" error, you need to eighter upgrade qt4 or compile qOrganizer from source using your qt version.

How can I compile qOrganizer?
You need qt4 to be installed. On windows you run the qt4 console from the start menu.
You cd to the directory containing qOrganizer and give the following commands:
make release
Now the qOrganizer binary should be in the release folder, if all went well. Under Linux the commands are:

How can I get the CVS version of qOrganizer?
You can find a pretty detailed howto right here in the forum.

I would like to translate qOrganizer to my language, what can I do?
Please contact me and I'll send you the necessary files with instructions on how to translate.